Reduce excess

You always seem to have too much inventory of items that don't sell. Excess inventory is a major problem:

  • You have to warehouse it
  • You have to insure it
  • It's value depreciates over time
  • It gets stolen
  • You count the same items every stocktake
  • A huge amount of working capital is tied up in dead inventory
  • You may be forced to write it off

All costing you money!

Sage Inventory Advisor can help you release cash that is tied up in excess inventory.


Minimise stock-outs

Stock-outs are bad for business. If a customer wants to buy something from you and you don’t have it in stock:

  • You lose the sale of that product
  • Your customer may buy their entire shopping list from a competitor
  • The competitor may give your customer better service, so you risk losing your customer for life

Never lose another customer again

Use Sage Inventory Advisor to minimise your stock-outs and make more sales.


Place orders quicker

Most people dread that time of the month: Ordering time. You spend hours, if not days doing mundane, boring work:

  • Gathering all historical sales for all items from a supplier
  • Creating a forecast using averages (Seasonality? Trends?)
  • Building in a buffer or safety stock to compensate for unreliability of forecasting and suppliers
  • Reducing stock-on-hand by any outstanding customer orders
  • Adding in outstanding purchase orders due in this month
  • Factoring in delivery lead times
  • Applying minimum order quantity and other supplier constraints

By the time you have updated the mother-of-all spreadsheets, it's out of date.

Don't tear your hair out

Instead of wrestling with spreadsheets, let Sage Inventory Advisor help you place optimal orders in no time at all.

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