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sagesummit2016 Talking Sage Summit 2016 with Russ Graf from NETSTOCK 04 Aug 2016 - The dust is starting to settle on a busy and action-packed Sage Summit 2016 in Chicago. With nearly 15,000 people in attendance, the event was a must-visit for those connected with Sage Software. Among the many announcements and launches, the
ipad_dashboard_sia_cmp Time to ditch that inventory spreadsheet 16 May 2016 - Every day, we talk to frustrated inventory managers that are looking for ways to improve their inventory planning process. Often, they’re stuck on a spreadsheet to manage their ordering, and that’s why we’ve been glued to The Inventory Mentor as
bigstock-Young-Man-Chained-To-The-Compu-6815499_cmp The scary reality of the “MASTER” spreadsheet 16 May 2016 - If you’ve been following along with the Inventory Mentor’s series on inventory spreadsheets like we have, you’ll be interested by their latest post. The gist is simple: you’ve put in a major effort to build your inventory spreadsheet, but has
bigstock-Financial-Planning-Accounting--108103223-cmp The complexities of inventory spreadsheets 16 May 2016 - We’ve been following the new series from the team over at The Inventory Mentor about inventory spreadsheets. Last week, they took a look at the issues around data and how unlikely it is that your spreadsheet includes all the right
spreadsheet_blogpost_2_cmp Does your inventory spreadsheet add up? 04 May 2016 - Managing an inventory spreadsheet means you need to manage lots of data. If you plug in quality inputs, then you’ll get decently reliable outputs; that’s not too complicated, right? Well, you might be missing a few important items when it
excel_ordering_master Inventory spreadsheets come with a cost 26 Apr 2016 - If you deal with inventory forecasting, planning, or purchasing, you probably deal with Excel. It has become standard practice for inventory planners to run part or all of their replenishment process using a ‘MASTER’ spreadsheet. Using Excel this way is
dreamstime_m_57324203-compressor The 9 steps to placing optimal replenishment orders 26 Feb 2016 - A review of stock-outs and items with excess inventory will generally lead to the conclusion that the orders placed were incorrect. Whilst there are many factors that contribute to stock-outs and excess, the best chance you have of getting (and
Warehouse-1 What is more important – Inventory Management or Inventory Control? 15 Dec 2015 - Every business has an Inventory Control System which tracks the physical movement of inventory. These system are essential to account for inventory, track inventory and monitor inventory. What do Inventory Control Systems do? These systems are transactional systems that have
LeadingIndicators_slim Lagging indicators are a death to sales 17 Nov 2015 - Most ERP systems can tell you when something has gone wrong: You are out of stock of an item and cannot fulfil your sales obligations You just received a purchase order, but it’s too much and you’re now stuck with
classification_abc The ABC’s of inventory classification 12 Oct 2015 - It is difficult to view hundreds, or even thousands, of inventory items every day and make an informed decision on what to buy, what’s running short and what you have too much of. The best way to get to the
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