Stock Enquiry

All item details in one place

The stock enquiry is where you can see all details of an individual item in a location.


  • Details – Details like stock on hand, average cost, etc.
  • Demand – Historical sales and all demand streams – forecast, bill of material and central warehouse demand
  • Safety stock – The risks and policy inputs used to compute the optimal level of safety stock
  • Fill Performance – The last 30 days of fill rate performance
  • Policy – Understand exactly how Sage Inventory Advisor computes the item status and order recommendations

Demand history and forecast

Let Sage Inventory Advisor’s powerful computer forecast engine automatically forecast all items and use the exceptions to manually adjust the few forecasts that aren’t right.


  • Compare forecast demand with prior years sales history
  • Visually identify year-on-year trends
  • Easily identify seasonality

Keep track of open Purchase Orders

Instantly see all open purchase orders for an item.


  • Expected arrival date (EAD) is highlighted in red for any overdue orders

Continuously measure the Supplier’s performance

Sage Inventory Advisor keeps track of every delivery from your suppliers, to track whether they deliver on time and in full.


  • Safety stock is increased for an item if the supplier consistently delivers late or not the full quantity
  • Safety stock is reduced for an item if the supplier consistently delivers early or more than we ordered

Keep track of customer orders

Instantly see all outstanding customer orders for an item.


  • All outstanding customer orders are shown
  • Overdue customer orders are highlighted
  • Recommended purchases are planned taking customer orders into account

Bill of Materials

Handle BOMs of any complexity and view exactly how the BOM is constructed.


  • Handle BOMs where the raw material and finished goods are in different locations
  • Keep stock at any level of the BOM structure
  • Sage Inventory Advisor helps you to order the correct raw materials, at the right time, in order to fulfil the forecast demand on the finished goods
  • Move between the nodes of a BOM tree with the click of a button

Central Warehouses

Instantly see what other locations are going to order from the central warehouse in the next 12 months, right down to the specific date that the order will come through.


  • Orders at the central warehouse take demand from sub-locations into account, ordering the right amount at the right time
  • Navigate easily between central warehouse and sub-locations


Future projections enable you to see where your stock is headed over the next year.


  • See the stock-on-hand for an item for a year into the future
  • See where you are potentially going to stock out and how severe the stock out will be
  • Get a schedule of all orders that will be placed in the next 12 months

Stock in other locations


  • Instantly see what stock is available in other locations
  • See what stock can be transferred between locations instead of ordering more from the supplier
  • Rebalance stock across your locations by redistributing excess


View how items have been replaced over time with newer, cheaper or better quality items.


  • Visually see the chain of superseded items
  • Automatically take the history of all old items into account when forecasting the new item
  • Easily move up or down the chain with the click of a button

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