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Learn about how SAGE Inventory Advisor has benefited our customers

“Rarely does a solution come along that has this much appeal to solve so many issues at once.”

James Politeski
President @ DCL Supply

"I researched several inventory management applications, all who claimed to provide what we needed for our business. When it came to the crunch, Sage Inventory Advisor was the only solution able to deliver on our expectations."

Alan Pollard
Operations Manager @ Stonegate Precision Tooling

"We were able to reduce our inventory value by an impressive $1,000,000 thanks to Sage Inventory Advisor."

Becky Wilkinson
Supply Chain Manager @ Hartland Controls

"Our inventory value has dropped by 52% and we have reduced our excess stock by 80%, all in a 17-month time frame."

Brian Savage
CEO @ Sunbeam Foods

“Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of Sage Inventory Advisor is the dashboard, especially when you are looking after numerous stores with large inventory listings.”

Michael Rowland
Inventory Manager @ Zebbies Lighting