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You can only manage what you measure well

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The Sage Inventory Advisor Dashboard measures all the Key Indicators you need to manage your inventory effectively: Stock-holding, and why you're overstocked, as well as Fill Rate, and why you're not servicing your customers as well as you can.


Measure your inventory holding

And free up working capital
Stock Holding

Instantly see current stock holding, compared to an ideal model

Excess Stock

The dashboard highlights all the items where you are over-stocked, contributing to your high stock holding

Surplus Orders

An early warning system to alert you of Purchase Orders you’ve placed that are going to magnify the over-stocked problem

See how timely warnings can save your business and detailed reporting can save your business money

Keep an eye on fill rate performance

Keep an eye on fill rate performance
Fill Rate

Track how well you’re actually servicing your customers vs what you’re targeting

Stocked Out

Instantly see which items are stocked out, losing you customer sales

Potential Stock Outs

Get alerts ahead of time of items heading towards a stock-out

Get a demo and see Fill Rate performance tracking in action

Focus Your Attention

On where it matters most

Even though you might have thousands of items that contribute to a problem, focusing on only the top-5 items will make an immediate positive impact.

Make an informed decision when looking at problem items by looking at the Classification of each item. Stocking out a low-value item isn’t nearly as bad as stocking out of a high-value A-item.

To see the power of monitoring top items

Monitor Trends

To ensure your business is going in the right direction

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