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Aug 1, 2017

Introducing Sage Inventory Advisor Basics, the affordable inventory optimization app for Sage Software’s new ERPs

Sage Inventory Advisor Basics, a new, lighter version of the popular Sage Inventory Advisor app, is now out for Sage 100c and Sage 300c ERP solutions.

IRVINE, CA (July 21, 2016) – NETSTOCK, the publisher of Sage Inventory Advisor, officially released Sage Inventory Advisor Basics, a new and lighter version of their popular inventory application for the new Sage 100c and 300c ERP solutions. The announcement comes just days before Sage Summit 2016, Sage’s annual expo, where Sage Inventory Advisor Basics will be heavily featured, thanks to the critical planning and replenishment functions it delivers.

Sage Inventory Advisor Basics focuses on the most critical inventory planning needs that inventory managers face every day. It’s a trimmed down version of their original inventory app, providing smaller retail and distribution businesses with a tool to access inventory best practices.

This lighter version connects directly to the ERP via the cloud, helping users minimize stock-outs, reduce excess, and produce optimal orders quickly. The app comes bundled with Sage 100c and 300c as part of Sage’s Gold and Platinum Business Care plans for no added cost.

Tony Sinton, CEO of NETSTOCK, said this new product provides an opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to incorporate inventory management best practices on a tight budget, with virtually immediate deployment.

“We’ve paired down the essentials of our app so users can optimize their inventory practices, just as their bigger competitors do,” he said. “Sage Inventory Advisor Basics delivers the critical functionality that most businesses who manage inventory clearly need.”

For more information about how Sage Inventory Advisor Basics equips inventory planners with the tools they need to manage inventory tasks like replenishment, classification, forecasting, and more, visit


NETSTOCK is the global developer of the NETSTOCK inventory replenishment application, which is white-labeled Sage Inventory Advisor and Sage Inventory Advisor Basics by Sage Software. The app is an affordable, secure, cloud-based solution that enables SMBs to reduce stock outs, minimize excess inventory, and free up working capital.

The NETSTOCK app connects to ERP data to produce quality forecasts, reduce the time spent on manual tasks, and solve for the optimal investment required to achieve target fill rates. Implementation is brief and inexpensive, delivering an impressive return on investment rapidly. Learn more about this acclaimed inventory management solution currently employed by nearly 700 companies globally by visiting

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