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Ampie Van der Berg

Ampie is responsible for the full range of customer success services during the implementation of  Sage Inventory Advisor as well as the support of new and existing customers.... Read More

Duncan Gordon

Duncan is a technically minded IT Sales professional with a demonstrated history of working within the technology sector. Duncan is seasoned in ICT/ISP/Security/IoT/SaaS and is responsible for outbound sales at NETSTOCK.... Read More

Riaan Pieterse

Riaan has been in Technical support, network administration and IT management roles for the past 18 years.... Read More

Adri du Plessis

Adri is responsible for creating value as a source of information for potential clients that engage with SIA, and determining when a potential client is ready to engage with the sales team.... Read More

John Panayotou

John has vast experience encompassing software installation, entrenchment of inventory methodology, consulting and support management. John has a Masters Degree in Engineering.... Read More

Vaughan Proctor

Vaughan is responsible for driving new business development through various channel partners in Africa.... Read More

Etieen Delport

Etieen has installed and maintained multiple ERP systems and has worked in technical support, network administration and IT management roles.... Read More

Bev Chretien

As an Operations Exec, Bev gained valuable operational experience in Warehousing, Inbound and Outbound logistics, and Manufacturing. Bev now uses that experience in her dual roles as Head of both Customer Success and Operations for... Read More