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Kim Freed

Kim develops and implements our partner marketing strategy and activities in our USA region.... Read More

Katie Hill

Katie handles front line technical support for our USA customers... Read More

Raymon Garcia

Raymon handles front line technical support for our USA customers... Read More

Brandon Kaye

Brandon is responsible for contributing to our USA sales team’s objectives in generating new business.... Read More

Grenville Goosen

Grenville is responsible for onboarding and managing our new customers in the USA.... Read More

Eric Chicoine

Eric manages the North American sales team and is focused on seeking out new opportunities and growing the region.... Read More

Lauren Schanding

Lauren Schanding

Lauren, a Customer Success Support Specialist, works with our Customer Success team to ensure clients remain successful throughout their partnership with NETSTOCK.... Read More

Tami Helms

Tami is the Finance Operations Supervisor for NETSTOCK USA. She is focused on assisting customers through invoicing and working as a liaison with Sage to ensure an exceptional customer experience for both NETSTOCK and Sage... Read More

Paul Butterfield

Paul is a sales management professional focused on cutting company costs and boosting company revenue through innovative management techniques. He has a strong background in sales, planning, budgeting and staffing.... Read More

Tom Wilson

Tom is the product sales specialist for Sage Inventory Advisor, with a unique sales background in advanced planning and scheduling solutions, constraint-based capacity planning and production scheduling, and service parts planning and optimization.... Read More

Rian Human

Rian has implemented inventory and supply chain management systems and methodologies in South Africa, America, Canada, Mexico and the Middle East. Rian heads the customer success team and implements NETSTOCK and Sage Inventory Advisor in... Read More

Carlos Serena

Carlos has extensive expertise in a variety of inventory modelling methodologies, demand planning, supply chain optimisation, implementing inventory best practice methodologies and advanced inventory planning systems.... Read More

Grant Emary

Grant has assisted leading companies in South Africa, Canada and the US, to optimize their inventories. He now lives in the USA, helping our SME customers do the same.... Read More

Michael Cansler

Michael has extensive experience in the healthcare and B2B markets. Michael is applying that business experience to help clients succeed through the use of the Sage Inventory Advisor range of products in the Northern America... Read More

Micki Crandall

Micki has 18 years of experience in Inventory Management, providing consulting and support for a broad array of client implementations across Northern America.... Read More

Russ Graf

Russ has founded and built 2 successful ERP VAR businesses and been involved with over 1,000 ERP implementations. Most recently he was a Director of Sales at a leading Sage 3rd party software publisher in... Read More