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Partner Media Kit

All of the collateral below can be shared with prospects.


A Sage Inventory Advisor brochure in a4 or letter format


An eBook titled Inventory optimization and the informed business, which introduces and discusses the topic of inventory optimisation.


A short introductory video positioning Sage Inventory Advisor

Web site

Another great source of information for marketing material is (this site), which can be linked to your website, to assist in creating interest for your existing customer base and new prospects.

Watch a demo

Watch a demo now or send the prospect this link for them to watch a demo.

Customer Success Video

South African Lighting company Zebbies Lighting

Interact with us on Social Media

In the meantime, please reach out to us on Social Media and take a look at our blog, The Inventory Advisor.


“Reacting to stock-outs before they occur was something that was almost impossible to do without Sage Inventory Advisor.”

Nicola Ormsby
Supply Chain Planner / Sensio Lighting

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“Sage Inventory Advisor has everything we need and we can’t imagine life without it!”

Brendan Cosgrove
Operations & Purchasing Manager / Lynn River

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“We reduced inventory by 25%, with a simultaneous 5% increase in fill rate. Sage Inventory Advisor is simply a better way to do it!”

Logan Galbraith
Head of Buying / Marinucci

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"The process of creating purchase orders and dealing with supply issues is now very efficient; Sage Inventory Advisor has become crucial to helping us achieve our aim of 100% customer satisfaction"

Bill Sanderson
Managing Director / Sports Directory

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"Within 6 months, there was a 14% increase in product availability and a 38% increase in sales with just a 16% increase in focused investment."

Steven Cumper
Director and Co-founder / Medshop Australia

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"We use Sage Inventory Advisor every day to get a snapshot of our inventory; fill rates, stock outs and forecasts, helping us to set realistic goals for all aspects of our business. We can’t live without it!"

Josh Eaton
Operations Manager / Starleaton Digital Solutions

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"Our inventory is in much better shape purely by investing in the right products, with our excess inventory down 36%, stock-outs down 68% and surplus orders down 85%."

Rob Krsanac
General Manager / Ward Packaging

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"Sage Inventory Advisor has been the catalyst to turn an inconsistent approach to demand planning into one that is a consistent, focussed business process that also takes less time."

Matthew Barker
CEO / Zyro Fisher

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"For us, Sage Inventory Advisor is a key component for Stock management within Sage ERP X3."

David Sher
GM / Universal Paper and Plastics

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“We hardly ever run out of stock. With Sage Inventory Advisor, we’re able to make realistic forecasts by supplier or by item.”

Warren Kilborn
Financial Director / Unlimited Building Supplies

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“Sage Inventory Advisor gives us the information we need to ensure we have exactly what we need in precisely the right quantities. It would be difficult to run this business without it.”

Mike Ellery
President / Warwick Hanger

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“Sage Inventory Advisor gives you the ability to take control of your inventory instead of letting your inventory run out of control.”

Jay Burrell
Vice President & COO / TRI Industries

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“There’s no question that it is a worthwhile investment for us. Our investment in Sage Inventory Advisor started to pay off within our first week of using it.”

Shawn Stewart
Director of purchasing & strategic sourcing / Ukrop’s Dress Express

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"One of our key reasons to implement Sage Inventory Advisor was to reduce excess stock. The $500k+ that’s now in our bank account rather than on our warehouse shelves is evidence enough we have achieved that!"

Tim McCredie
General Manager / Barrett Distributors

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